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Maintenance Services
Whether you are responsible for a single superyacht or a large fleet of vessels, you need to ensure vessel’s safety and performance are at their peak.

Our 360° roster of services covers every element of maritime maintenance from the cosmetic to the significant, the human to the mechanical.

Al Seer Marine has developed one of the world’s finest maritime maintenance service divisions. Our years of experience working with both private and public sector clients have led to an impeccable maintenance service record.

Our support solutions allow you to achieve and maintain optimal operational readiness, platform availability and reliability, there ensuring cost effectives throughout the lifecycle of your asset.

We offer fully comprehensive through life support packages for all types of vessels.

Keep your fleet operational with consistent service

Fleet maintenance may be the single most critical aspect of managing your fleet. Al Seer Marine offers a full range of managed maintenance services to help you keep your fleet running safely all the time. With a comprehensive maintenance program, we ensure that your fleet performs reliably day-in and day out.

Proactive Maintenance

Staying ahead of problems always means keeping your fleet inspection-ready and mechanically-sound. Our predictive maintenance software provides capabilities for estimating the remaining useful life of a spart part or a machine to help monitor the health of major components of your vessel. ASM also managed your costs while providing services and charging them on delivery-basis only.
Our dedicated team of qualified experts can ensure you do not miss a moment out at sea with our pro-active maintenance approach that uses predictive software to estimate the health of vessel components and customize a regional-only maintenance program as per your vessel’s need.

Repair Services

Our specialization includes repairing yachts, Superyachts, and boats of all types and sizes. We have the knowledge and experience to take care of any of the mechanical, electrical, welding and fabrication, carpentry, refrigeration /HVAC, upholstery needs.

From a simple spot-weld to a new railings, structural repair and beautiful intricate interior, or repair / replace water pumps and sea strainers, including reverse cycle heating and HVAC systems using environmental friendly freon, Al Seer Marine has a team of expertise to handle all your boat repairs.

Talk to our experts today for more details on our maintenance service and through light support solutions.