New Build Project Management

New build project management has always been an integral part of Al Seer Marine’s business. Specifying, contracting and supervising the construction of a new yacht is an immensely complex business involving numerous engineers and professional individuals. We have our own, in-house world-class designers and maintain close associations with the leading designers and yards around the world. We keep ourselves constantly updated with the latest trends and concepts.

Our extensive experience in dealing with projects that often involve worldwide partnerships means that you can concentrate on the parts of the program that interest you; leaving us to deal with the essential administration.

Support and Advisory Services

Support and advisory services include the preparation and issuing of specifications for tendering and the creation of specialist teams to oversee the naval architecture, design, styling, technical consulting and construction. Al Seer forms the common link between these teams, whether in-house or outside firms, helping to ensure that construction takes place smoothly, on time and within budget.

Al Seer’s qualifications cover the construction of yachts, super yachts and our unique Unsupervised Surface Vessels (USVs). Our aim, as always, is to achieve the best balance between price and quality of work. Our intention is to make certain that every aspect of new construction is a pleasure for the owner. By the time the champagne cracks on the hull we want you to be as happy with the end result as you were with the plans.