AL SEER MARINE provides the highest level of technical expertise in the following fields: Al Seer’s refit solutions include mechanical service, project management, interior design work .
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AL SEER MARINE purchase and logistics section is a highly organised operation that provides a unique worldwide procurement and shipping service for marine spares.
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Experienced operators are well aware of how harsh the marine environment is to their craft. Paint and coatings are an integral part of vessel maintenance.
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AL SEER MARINE can design and create a wide range of custom parts as solutions to your vessel. We can craft in stainless steel or aluminum, as well as GRP, carbon fibre or composite construction.
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AL SEER MARINE is the leading marine company in the region, with a portfolio of services that caters to all needs of boat owners, managers and crew. A team of highly trained professionals hold many years of experience in a wide range of services. Al Seer brings together the highest level of work systems, state of the art technology and a proven track record of excellent operations. Strategically located in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi and one hour away from Dubai, Al Seer Marine is easily accessible by land or sea. [N540 28’, E280 7’]

AL SEER MARINE is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company [Cert. No.MEA1108488]. ISM & ISPS management is available for yachts over 40m.

Yacht Management


AL SEER MARINE provides the highest level of technical expertise in the following fields: Al Seer’s refit solutions include mechanical service, project management, interior design work . Whether part-reconstruction or complete restyling and fit out, the production team at Al Seer has a broad experience.Recent projects include; Abeking & Rasmussen, Feadship, Hanseatic, Hatteras, Heesen, Lazarra, Riva, Trinity, Azimut, Baia, Fountain Skater, Novurania, Bladerunner, Zen.

  • Vessel inspection and surveys
  • Inventory planning & spare part resourcing
  • supply & installation
  • Mechanical, machining & fabrication works
  • Electrical, electronics, AV & communications

Military and Civilian Fleet Maintenance

s2Fleet maintenance may be the single most critical aspect of managing your fleet. Al Seer offers a full range of managed maintenance services to help you keep your fleet, whether military or civilian on the water. With preventive and comprehensive maintenance, count on Al Seer to ensure that your fleet performs safely and reliably day in and day out.



Some of the major advantages of Al Seer’s robotic systems are:

Advanced piloting and surveillance from the bridge or remote shore stations


  • Encrypted broadband telemetry (LOS)
  • Deterrent, interdiction and analytical options
  • Day/night HD stabilized vision
  • Search and rescue functions
  • High speed, rapid deployment/recovery
  • Multiple vessel networking

Additionally, Al Seer offers many custom options with strong warranties, maintenance programs, and deep corporate support.

Yacht Service and Repairs

s4Al Seer Marine has specialized in repairing yachts, super yachts and boats of all types for many years. We have the knowledge and experience to take care of any of your needs. If you have any questions about your yacht or boat, please feel free to ask us and we’ll do everything we can to help you. A partial listing of the types of repairs and service is listed below.


s5Whether you it’s a new build, refit, repaint or repair on a superyacht, sailing yacht or motor yacht, we have the professionalism, expertise and experience to achieve the ultimate in yacht finishing. Modern finishes are much more than just paint,..

Parts Sourcing

s6At Al Seer Marine we have excellent relationships with manufacturers, shipyards and suppliers. We understand the needs for superyachts, yachts and motor craft of all sizes, and so we stock some key parts that you may find incredibly difficult to get hold of. If we do not have an item in stock we have a wide network of people who can locate and send us any part that your boat specifically requires.


s7Al Seer Marine’s Yacht Building Team is made up of master craftsmen and technicians who take pride in the work we do. Our name is synonymous with using the latest technology in boat-building and fabrication.


s8AL SEER MARINE repair services are designed to be flexible in order to meet the specific needs of each craft, and encompass every area of repair and maintenance. Our facility has all the dockside services that are typically found in the world’s leading shipyards: shore power (50-60Hz, 3-phase 415, 375amp) fresh water, telephones, internet, oil disposal, provisioning, laundry, chandlery. We have our own fuel dock for marine grade diesel (gradeIII specific gravity 0.083) and petrol 98 unleaded.