Al Seer Marine’s painters are experts in the art of surface preparation, fairing and the application of high-gloss yacht finishes.

Whether you it’s a new build, refit, repaint or repair on a superyacht, sailing yacht or motor yacht, we have the professionalism, expertise and experience to achieve the ultimate in yacht finishing. Modern finishes are much more than just paint, instead they are systems made up of a combination of coatings each applied in the correct sequence under carefully controlled conditions to produce a high performance finish. If applied correctly, they provide chemically cured finishes resistant to abrasion, chalking, corrosion and chemical attack, protecting your valuable investment against the harsh marine environment. Al Seer Marine produces fantastic finishes with a mirror-like gloss.

Our state-of-the-art quality control system ensures that all our work is easily tracked and evaluated. This commitment to excellence allows us to offer a fully insured warranty on the work we do. We record the air temperature, humidity, dew point and gloss levels for each application on all projects. We strictly adhere to the paint manufacturer’s technical specifications and record all product batch numbers for traceability. We are also very respectful of the environment and follow ISO 14001 guidelines. With AWLgrip paints and our highly qualified staff, Al Seer Marine will care for your boat and produce a shiny new finish matching virtually any colour to add value to an older vessel and give new life to a tired looking boat making it look almost as if it’s just been delivered from the shipyard.

Our comprehensive yacht painting and coatings services include:

  High performance yacht surface preparation and coatings application
Bottom surface preparation and coatings application
Boot-top maintenance
Tank cleaning, sandblasting and coating
Specialty detailing and shop coatings application
Fiberglass and gel coat repair and recoating