Military and Civilian Fleet Maintenance

Keep Your Fleet Operational With Superior Service

Fleet maintenance may be the single most critical aspect of managing your fleet. Al Seer offers a full range of managed maintenance services to help you keep your fleet, whether military or civilian on the water. With preventive and comprehensive maintenance, count on Al Seer to ensure that your fleet performs safely and reliably day in and day out.

Comprehensive Maintenance

With comprehensive maintenance, you can count on better fleet reliability and predictable costs. Regular inspections, rapid follow-up repairs, proactive parts replacement and emergency assistance ensure that your fleet is never out of service. Al Seer Comprehensive Maintenance includes:

Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance
Minor and major repairs
Optional multi-point inspections
Detailed record-keeping by vehicle
Access to service facilities and expert technicians

Preventive Maintenance

Staying ahead of problems means keeping your fleet inspection-ready and mechanically sound at all times. That’s where consistent, quality preventive maintenance can reduce the cost and risk of breakdowns and keep small issues from turning into bigger ones. Our preventive maintenance offers all the services that our comprehensive maintenance package, and at the same time reduces down-time across your fleet, while managing costs on a monthly basis.

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