Al Seer Marine’s Yacht Building Team is made up of master craftsmen and technicians who take pride in the work we do. Our name is synonymous with using the latest technology in boat-building and fabrication.

Custom Composite Yacht Building

Powerful and luxurious, any of the yachts or super yachts constructed by Al Seer Marine will get you noticed on and off the water, with sleek lines from the bow to the transom. All of our custom yachts have well-planned consoles and easy access to the systems along with impeccable fit and finish in the cabin and interior. Your options are endless. With the Al Seer Marine Yacht Building Team on the job you know you’ll be on the water in the very best yacht. Al Seer Marine offers composite construction of mono-hulls and multi-hulls. Regardless of the materials, our forte and our focus are building high quality boats that are luxurious, accurate to design, and have great attention to detail.

Composite Repairs and Re-fits

Thanks to our years of experience building custom composite yachts, Al Seer Marine are experts in major structural modifications and repairs. Al Seer Marine will evaluate the damage to your yacht or the scope of a re-fit and provide you with a comprehensive design before work begins. Minimizing the collateral damage to the surrounding parts of the yacht is paramount to a good job.

Custom Fabrication of Composite Components

Al Seer Marine will build to your specifications, or engineer for you almost any custom composite part you can imagine. Listed below are some examples.